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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 7, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. right now, a gunman remains on the loose. the suspect fired at least one shot during a confrontation with a woman at the bethesda apartment complex. a new school year officially underway in parts of virginia. voters now one week away from picking a democratic candidate for mayor. the current mayor picks up a new endorsement. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it is tuesday, september, 7th, 2010. police are looking for a man who allegedly fired a gunshot and took off. it forced the lockdown of
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several nearby schools. it happened on the 6,000 block of rock forest drive in bethesda. tracee wilkins is live with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. also, because they were trying to corner the suspect into this immediate area amid some road closures that affected traffic made it difficult for some folks to get to work. now, police say they believe their suspect may have actually left this area. they are still trying to figure out exactly when, maybe before they arrived but they do have a suspect description. his name is joshua prince, a white male, age 32. he may have fled in a black tahoe. they are saying he is armed and dangerous with a high-powered rifle. no one should approach this suspect. if he is seen, call police. montgomery county police are searching for an armed gunman
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and they are using everything, from police cars to helicopters. a woman who lived at the avalon apartments tells news 4 that at 7:20, a woman ran door to door screaming for help saying someone was trying to shoot her. soon after, police surrounded the avalon apartment. montgomery county police say she know who their suspect is. the search to get him in custody led to partially closing the streets. police have also closed nearby exits, 270. people who live inside the af r avalon have been told to stay on the inside. those outside are not being allowed back in. >> they keep saying there may be a gentlemen with a gun squr omee in one of the garages or
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buildings. i have to go to work. >> reporter: that garage is the center of the investigation which is still ongoing. we are told forensics will be coming out an trying to figure out what happened with possible gunshots fired. in the meantime, the search for the suspect is continuing. they have just released the apartment complex just now allowing folks to come back into the apartment complex and reopened roads here in this area. also,s schoo also, the schools are no longer on lockdown. the students can go ahead and function with the rest of their day. i'm tracee wilkins, live in bethesda. as tracee mentioned, getting around has been a headache. steve is in for jerry and joins us with the latest on blocked roads. >> it is looking better. here we are with a shot of 270 traffic heading southbound. the ramps between north and southbound 270 and old
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georgetown road were closed. they have been now completely reopened. 270 no longer a problem as you can see by this shot, what was a tremendous going all the way back up to clarksburg. the interstate, much better. once you get off, you may be redirected around the apartment complex. they have now been reopened. barbara? >> we will check in sgagain wit you shortly. today is terrible traffic tuesday. each year, the return to work and school after labor day marks one of the worst commutes in the d.c. area. aaa says more than 1.5 million drivers will be on the road. travel experts share their advice on the busiest areas. >> river crossings. construction is going on all of them except one. i-95 south, 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most congested part of the beltway.
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>> john townsend with aaa says to use public transportation to get around. adding to the congestion this morning, tens of thousands of kids are back in school. here is the list this morning. the first day of classes in fairfax, prince will yiam, stafford, warden and alexandria. in fairfax, students will have to pay activity fees because of budget constraints. megan mcgrath has more from madison high school in vienna. >> reporter: a number of jurisdictions in our area have already gone back to school. this morning, it is fairfax county's turn. the students are headed back to class after a long summer vacation. this year promises some challenges. enrollment is up. the budgets are still very tight.
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it's the day some dread and others can't wait to arrive, the first day of school. fairfax county students were up bright and early this morning. at madison high school, the usual hugs and reunions. lots of excitement and first day jitters. >> a whole slew of new freshmen, i think it will be a fun year. i am going to try to go to new clubs. >> it's been a long summer. i've done a lot of stuff. i'm excited to be back in school. it's my senior year. we will see how it works out. >> this year promises to be a challenging one in fairfax county. enrollment is up. the budget is down more than $34 million. that's on top of even greater cuts made last year. school superintendents fail. most of this year's cuts happen outside the classroom. the school system is still
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feeling the impact of previous reductions. >> more kids means it's less individualized help from the teachers. that means less impact on their performance. what we won't know is the impact we have had on kids' learning until a year after we have made those cuts. so far, last year, we have not seen a diminishment of that. you just never know when that tipping point will occur. we have to be very careful on that. >> new fees for student athletes and kids in advanced placement classes kick in this year. students will have to pay a $100 activity per sport. a $75 fee for taking a.p. and i.b. tests. there are 175,000 students in the fairfax county public school system. that makes it the biggest system in the state of virginia and one of the biggest in the country. from fairfax, megan mcgrath,
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news 4. it is beautiful out there. 89 degrees. tom joins us with a look at what we can expect. another warmup on the way. >> that temperature as we mentioned, this time of the morning, is directly in the sun. that's not the actual true. >> it feels cooler out there. >> it does feel that hot if you are in the sun. this time of the morning, it's hit by direct sunlight and gets into the shadows and gets a more realistic reading. we have a beautiful blue sky overlooking arlington, fairfax county, falls church there to the right. temperatures at national airport, 81. near 80 in prince george's, arlington, fairfax and montgomery. upper 70s to near 80. a beautiful day with low humidity around the region. temperatures in the mountains near 50 around dawn. now, it is warmed up there too quickly into the upper 70s to near 80 in many locations of western maryland and west
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virginia. eastern shore and the atlantic beaches, a beautiful day there. temperatures at the beaches in the 70s to near 80. clear sky thanks to high pressure over us. beautiful, sunny afternoon. light breeze out of the south. we will warm into the mid and upper 80s for highs here in the next few hours. we have changes in week. the latest with tropical storm hermine. the weather for the skins games, we will talk about that coming up. now for decision 2010, d.c. mayor fenty picked up another endorsement, the washington examiner endorsed mayor fenty over gray. gray spent this labor day encouraging voters to vote early. mayor fenty did the same. early voting started a week
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ago in the district. about 9,000 people voted in the first week. fire officials wanted to know what sparked a barn fire that killed 25 race horses. check out this cell phone video from the scene not far from the hollywood casino in charlestown races. steve clark and amber taylor captured it. they were heading home to woodbridge and saw the flames that engulfed two of the three barnes. they ran to the third barn and joined others that helped rescue panicked horses still in their stables. >> it was also like an assembly line. i am haltering and we are passing horses out the door. i could see the fire cresting over the top of the barn. we literally just opened barn doors and shuffled them out. >> investigators put their damage estimates at more than $1 million. >>. >> ten minutes after 11:00 is the time right now. strong opinions this morning on president obama and the economy. coming up, a look at new nbc
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wall street journal poll numbers and why people believe the economy is getting worse. also, coming up, decisions are made in the case against a jetblue flight attendant who made a dramatic exit on the emergency slide after arguing with a passenger. the latest on a colorado
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a new nbc wall street journal poll reflects the mood of many american as the political scene heats up. the president appears to be getting a cold shoulder. kimberly suiters joins us with the numbers. >> reporter: these american voters are grumpy and groomy. this nbc wall street journal poll show 49% disapprove of the job president obama is doing. 66% don't feel confident our children's generation will have it better than we do. political analysts say this will translate to bad news for democrats at the poll. hello, milwaukee. >> reporter: with labor day over, let the stumping begin. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around and put people back to work. >> reporter: sounds optimistic but a new nbc news wall street journal poll shows americans are feeling uncare as tharacteristi
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pessimistic. 56% say they disapprove of president barack obama's handling of the economy. >> people are focused on the numbers, unemployment, jobs and the president getting on tv or appearing in your town and telling you he has some ideas for the future, that doesn't cut it for most voters. >> reporter: or at least cut it in time for november's elections. a local economist makes this prediction for the coming year. >> the u.s. economy will continue to grow slowly. unemployment will stay near 10% or we will slip into a double dip recession. neither scenario is attractive. bad policies pursued by two presidents in a row, bush and obama. blind faith in the market or the government doesn't work. >> reporter: could it come from republican leadership. 58% believe newly elected republicans would have different ideas from old bush
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administration policies. president obama claims it is still better to be the party of yes, we can. >> if i said the sky was blue, they would say no. >> reporter: americans are feeling antagonistic too according to the the polls. a majority, 56% shl, say it is to give new politicians a chance in congress. this nbc wall street journal poll wasn't all bad news for the president obama. 56% approve of his handling of the war in iraq. when i say grumpy, when asked if they had the chance to kick everybody out of congress and start over, 48% of those polled said they would. now, back to you. >> interesting results. thank you, kimberly. the former jetblue flight attendant who made a now notorious exit from a flight last month may now not have to serve prison time. he was charged with criminal
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mischief and trespassing. he has agreed to be evaluated by a mental health professional which may be one of the terms of his agreement. we are following a developing story right now. a fast-moving fire forced more than 1,000 people in colorado to evacuate their homes. you can see some homeowners last everything in the fire. strong, gusty winds fanned the flames northwest of boulder yesterday. about 100 firefighters have been working to put out the fire. no injuries have been reported. the cause remains under investigation. tropical storm hermane is battling texas. packing 65 mile-per-hour winds. it is hitting places that are recovering from hurricane alex back in june.
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a tropical storm warning is still in effect. tropical starm hermine. we are getting different names for our storms. >> different cultural names. some of the pronunciations are different. it is hermine. it is diminished and barely a tropical storm. i will show you the latest statistics coming up. let's bask in the glory of this wonderful day. that ir is t there is the live view. friendship heights and downtown bethesda in montgomery county. a few, wispy high clouds passing overhead. national airport, 81. a comfortable humidity there. a southerly breeze that's bringing in some of the heat. not too humid around much of the region. near 80 from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. near 80 as well as in arlington and fairfax. students back to school.
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prince william and stafford counties and alexandria. near 80 in all the locations. the dew points are comfortably dry. lee to mid-60s around washington. eastern shore, low 80s. atlantic beaches, near 80. mountains of western maryland, west virginia, in the 70s. they started out with quite a chill, only in the 50s. high pressure in place. giving us a beautiful, clear sky. a few wispiy clouds coming through. here is the latest with tropical storm hermine. it is spinning over south texas. lots of heavy rainier corpus tris christy. it has winds of about 40 miles an hour and the gusts are around 50. 80 miles southeast of san antonio. just beginning to head towards
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san antonio. it will be downgraded to a tropical depression, continuing to move up through west texas with moderate to heavy rains. it will begin to get caught on the upper level of the atmosphere and bring some moisture. it may be approaching us. some of the remnants of hermine in the form of needed rain here. we will have a front beginning to move into the mountains. tomorrow, midday that does pass through, a small chance of an isolated shower late in the morning or farther east as the front clears the coast. high pressure moves in from the midwest and giving us another beautiful pattern into the weekend. we may get blustery winds from a deepening low. that will happen tomorrow afternoon and evening. the wind should settle down as we get into thursday. this afternoon, sunny, low humidity, enjoy. we will have a light breeze out of the south. highs reaching the low to mid-80s. we will be clear, down into the 70s by midnight.
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tomorrow, sunset. earlier and earlier. sun rises are later and later, around 6:45 now. during the day, on wednesday, some of the clouds rolling in through late morning and midday. passing shower, small chance of that. blustery winds tomorrow afternoon gusting to 25 to 30 miles an hour. it may continue into wednesday night, early thursday. we will be in the 50s by thursday morning after we hit the 80s on wednesday. it will cool down quite a bit. highs on thursday, upper 70s with sunshine. more of the same on friday. here is a look at the weekend. saturday looks dry now. another frontal zone coming through on sunday. perhaps with some of the moisture from hermine on sunday. passing showers. it may linger into sunday evening when the skins play the cowboys. may be showers and in the 70s sunday night. monday we dry out. that's the way it looks. we are going to check with steve who joins us with the latest on the traffic.
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looks like a busy beltway? >> that is the beltway at the american legion bridge. there was an incident at the outer loop. heavy traffic moving away from us now. right-hand side of the screen, activity. an accident at the exit for the george washington parkway. slowing us down now leaving montgomery heading across the american legion bridge into northern virginia. you can get by with plenty of room to the left. still pretty slow to do that. we want to take you into the district. a new traffic pattern. work zone inbound on new york avenue and fairview avenue northeast. the center of the roadway, blocked. over to the right and left, still very slow heading through northeast d.c. down new york avenue inbound and over to springfield, looking pretty good. no road work reported yet. everything moving well. hov lanes over in the southbound direction. >> 11:22, the time right now. still ahead on "news 4 midday,"
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ul not believe what chemical is being used in some popular hair-straightening treatments. we will ask dr. cheryl burgess about the dangers. do you fight with your family over foods? >> we will help resolve those differences. two of the biggest college matchups came down to the final seconds of the game. here is a look at what's hot on
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a spidermanlike move got this guy arrested. check out what he is doing. he used suction cups and ropes to climb the 58-story building in downtown san francisco. the dare devil got too high for firefighters to reach him from the bottom. police arrested him when he got to the top. the man hung up an american flag just before the officers put the handcuffs on him. a great day to be a maryland terrapin fan. they beat navy yet. navy had a chance to win the game but quarterback, ricky dobbs, came up short of the goal line in his fourth down run. the terps hadn't won a game since last october. it is hard to be a hokie right now. virginia lost a heartbreaker to
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boise state at fedex field. they led with less than two minutes left. boise state quarterback, kellen moore, threw a 13-yard touchdown to put the broncos up, 33-30. they held on to the win. this was a season opener for both teams who came into the game ranked both of them in the top ten in the country. our time right now, 27 minutes after 11:00. coming up, the next half hour, "news 4 midday," a warning by the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan. anti-muslim action and talk in the u.s. could endanger worldwide troops. we'll tell you how residents can tell how they feel in loudoun county. >> what is stressing people out in d.c.? a new survey is out this morning. tom kierein
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police are looking for an alleged gunman. they say 32-year-old joshua prince is armed and dangerous. he may be in a 2004 black chevy
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tahoe with maryland tags. it started with a gunshot in bethesda just after 7:00 this morning. neighbors say a woman came banging on doors and said a man was trying to shoot her. police remain at the complex but roads in the area are no longer blocked. it's back-to-school day for hundreds of thousands in our area. in fairfax county, it means new fees for some parents because of budget constraints. they will have to pay a $100 per sport activity fee and $75 for a.p. and i.b. testing. anti-muslim anger surges across the country before the 9/11 anti-muslim anger that's coming up this weekend. it is not just about the planned mosque near ground zero. >> reporter: over the weekend, another protest. this one joined by a local politician, including new york congressman, peter king. >> just because you have the right to build a mosque does not
11:32 am
make it right to build a mosque at ground zero. >> reporter: for some opponents, proximity hasn't been the point. the whole muslim religion is in his words a lie. >> i believe the 1400 year history of islam is clear, a religion of hate, violence and death. >> reporter: hall of fame golfer, carol man, wrote that the u.s. is a christian country. let the muslim erect their muslim centers in other countries that are not christian. go away soon. from tennessee to california, a half dozen mosques have been vandalized. talk show hosts said this to a supporter of the islamic center. >> i hope somebody blows it up. >> reporter: terry jones has his plan for saturday's 9/11 university. >> we are going to have an international burn a koran day. >> reporter: given the overheated rhetoric, some say it
11:33 am
is no wonder that when new york cabby answered yes to a customer's question, the customer, a young film student, stabbed him in the neck, almost killing him. >> that can happen because there are hateful people out there. >> reporter: they say that some of the muslims see growing anger and sporadic violence and are not sure the plans for the new york islamic center should go forward. they say they are certain the extreme opposition to islam itself will weaken over times. >> we are americans and loyal to this nation. we believe that one day all of america will recognize that islam is a religion of peace. there are continuing protests along with anger directed at muslims and their religion that test the limits of compromise. >> that was mike taibbi reporting. the top nato commander in afghanistan is warning against
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the church's plan to burn the musl muslim holy book, saying it could endanger troops worldwide. the plans by the dove world outreach center to burn koran on church grounds to mark the ninth anniversary of 9/11. >> people who live in loudoun county, virginia, can weigh in on a holiday tonight. a public hearing starts at 6:30. it will be held at the county government stecenter on harriso street. the board is expected to vote on this issue tomorrow. today, manassas residents will have a chance to offer their opinion ons an adult themed store that's moving to store. local delegate, jackson miller, will be holding a town meeting that will talk about kk's
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temptations, the store that's supposed to open in old town manassas. they say it will make the area less family friendly. the store's owner says her business will be classy, upscale and discrete. there should be no shortage of flu shots this year. health officials say a record 160 million doses will be available nationwide. this year's knack seen will include a strain of the h1n1 virus, also known as swine flu. this way, people will only need to get one vacination, instead of two. starting next tuesday, health departments in vary have and west virginia will begin administering thr vacinations. i am going to check in with tom kiran that joins is with his cooling down. >> heating up in the next few hours. going to feel like summer in a couple of more hours after a
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cool start this morning. look at that high-definition view from our sky watcher camera. if you are fortunate enough to have a high-definition camera, your seeing this beautiful view way off there in the horizon. you can see the potomac river. we have lots of sun pouring down. near 80 in prince george, arlington, fairfax and montgomery. throughout much of the region, now in the low 80s. will hit upper by late, mid afternoon. not much humidity in the area. by dawn, upper 60s. a few clouds tomorrow morning. during the middle part of the day, small chance of a passing shower. after the front, a blustery northwest wind will increase and gust to around 25 to 30 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon. thursday, sunny with highs in the upper 70s.
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on saturday, more of the same. sunday, a chance for some needed rain. unfortunately, it may affect the game at fedex field. the skins and cowboys, the season opener, sunday evening. could be a bit wet and then dry out on monday. i will be back with another update coming up in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. does your commute drive you crazy? if so, your definitely not alone, at least not in our area. the washington area was declared the 15th most stressful metropolitan area in the country by traffic was clearly a factor in that ranking. the site claims the average washingtonian commutes more than 15 minutes, the second longest. detroit was named the most stressful city because of unemployment and poverty. los angeles was second followed by cleveland and riverside, california. let's check in our on
11:38 am
mid-day traffic. steve joins us with the latest. >> a little stress in riverdale, maryland. southbound on the baltimore inside the beltway near 410, they are doing some tree trimming blocking a lane. it is slow as you head down from the way. there was a watermain break there. much better than it was a few minutes ago. two separate incidents. an accident near the georgia parkway. another one down near the toll road. traffic getting away from us. much better now that everything is open. a quick look at springfield to see how we are doing southbound. no problems now. no road work. all your lanes are open and moving smoothly. barbara, back to you. >> doesn't look bad right now. >> five people are recovering from shootings on consecutive nights within a block of each
11:39 am
other in northeast washington. a teenager and an adult were shot in a drive-by on blaine street last night. two teenage girls and an adult were shot just around the corner on the 300 block of 53rd street. everyone is expected to survive in both of these cases. the discovery channel head quarters is open again this morning. today is the first day the building has been completely open since james lee walked into the lobby and took three people hostage. people shot and killed leah several hours of negotiations. a football player walked away with a few scratches after he hit a truck head on. josh talked with matt lauer an the "today" show about what happened. >> it felt like i was flying
11:40 am
through the air. next thing i knew, i rolled over. i saw my phone, grabbed it, stood up. my first reaction was to get to the sidewalk. i was heading there. >> when you saw the videotape, did it shock you? >> yeah, a little bit. i mean, it's a crazy video to see. my dad and i went and watched it the next day at the police station. the officers were pretty shocked by the video also. >> his first thought was to save that phone. josh and his dad also talked about the driver to assure him that he was okay. >> 11:40 is our time right now. still ahead, can wall street resume the rally after a strong showing last week? we are going to have the latest numbers for you. plus, hair straighteners, what's in them? can those chemicals be
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to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. you might want to consider this before you ask your boss for a big, fat raise. think a bigger paycheck will make you more happy? well, it will to a certain point. at least that's what researchers at princeton say. their new study says that happiness increases with people's income up to about $75,000 a year. after that, they sayer salary can create a sense of achievement but not anymore happiness.
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wall street is open with big gains from last weekend. we check in with courtney reagan. >> good morning to you, barbara. i remember and it sounds like you remember the little rally we had last weekend. i don't think the markets do. we are lower by about 76 points on the dow. we are getting a little bit of, i guess i should say, where people are a bit reserved about what's going on over in europe, a bit more worried about the strength of their economy. bank news weighing on in europe. asian markets clothes lower overnight. europe is lower there too. we will get reports later this week on filings of unemployment benefits. it is important to mention that oracle has hired mike heard as their new president after he resigned from hp. they have said the resignation
11:45 am
was over a change in confidence with the board and some fishy expense reports and had nothing to do with the allegations. president obama is set to announce major business tax cuts in cleveland tomorrow. reports say companies will be able to write off 100% of new investments in both plants and equipments through next year. the administration believes the cuts will help cut corporate taxes over the next couple of years so businesses have that revenue to spend on other items and help spur hirings. speaking of prospects, it looks like hiring is not picking up. the latest survey finds 71% of companies don't expect to change their hiring plans. they say businesses have no confidence in the economy and even with demand rising, still not enough to make them hire new
11:46 am
workers. industries that may have helped out include education and health services. there are some sectors of the job economy that are, in fact, growing. back to you, barbara. thank you, courtney. have a great day! we will see you tomorrow. thousands, thousands of teenage girls and grown-up women, straighten their hair all of the time. they have been doing it for years trying to avoid a bad hair day. they iron their hair. they blow it dry. they use chemicals to get the look nature didn't give them naturally. there is now another technique that promises, several new techniques that promise to tame the curly tress until they grow out again. here we are with dr. cheryl burgess with some answers. i am not alone about wondering about the pros and cons about
11:47 am
straightening. welcome. >> thank you. there are three different systems. you were telling me that you have used some of them. >> yes, some. >> the brazilian blowout is one. there is one called care straightening and daphne straight straightening. they use a care acontinue that coats and seals the hair. it improves and that's what they advertise. >> we know or you have a picture there. it actually coats the hair followicle. >> yes, yes, now, the bad side of it is it needs a vehicle to deposit the caro continue on the hair strand. that's where the problem lies. some of the products have formaldehyde in them, which is a possible car sin know jen by the
11:48 am
epa. they don't say how much is in it. that's what the problem is. some have substituted it for something that is formaldehyde free which smells just like formaldehyde, a very pun gent smell. that's a fix tiff. they use it as embalming fluid. it doesn't release formaldehyde. it doesn't transform into formaldehyde. it is the safer component to those types of vehicles. >> how is it that they can get by with using formaldehyde and i want to talk to you after that about what it does to people and how it can hurt you? can you resist it by not allowing it to touch your scalp? why hasn't the fda regulated the formaldehyde? >> it is in a lot of substances.
11:49 am
it is in like dry, pressed wood like plywood. it is in cigarette smoke, in our environment. they measure it by parts per million. they have a certain safety standard, osha does, in which people that are working around the formaldehyde containing building materials or what have you, they can only take a certain amount per eight-hour day. this is different. there is no way to measure it. it is put on your hair. the process takes about three, four hours. they don't know how much. they don't have to really list how much is in there if it is less than 1%. so we were talking about that a couple weeks ago, about what's the requirement for listing an ingredient on a package. that's where the problem lies. >> how dangerous is it? should you wear a mask so you don't inhale the fumes? should you ask them not to let
11:50 am
it touch your scalp? >> some of the problems i have seen have just been allergic reactions to the skin or possibly just irritant reactions. i have seen it with both formaldehyde an gluteraddehyde. some use ethel alcohol. some use vanilerine. it is an extract from the vanilla bean. that's supposed to be a substitute for formaldehyde. most salons don't know what's in them. >> a lot of us, even with the warnings, are going to do it anymore. it makes it easier to manage the hair. >> just to know that the brazilian blowout, it allows you to have a little bit of curl or wavyness, the care owe continue
11:51 am
and japanese makes it very straight and shiny. >> you answered a lot of questions that i have had but, as i say, i am probably still going to have it done. thanks a lot. thank you, doctor burgess. we will see you next week. our time right now, 11:51. how to resolve fights over food in your family. tom kierein will be back with another check of the forecast.
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money and children are often reasons that couples fight. now, you can add to food to that list as well. what you eat could cause ongoing conflict in a relationship. lindsay wilcox has expert advice before the fights heat up. >> reporter: we do it three times a day. no wonder, nearly everyone has a complaint whether it comes to how or what their signature other eats. >> i decided i wanted to eat healthier. she wasn't too happy. >> he didn't like any spicy foods and i liked a little bit of spice. >> reporter: food fights escalate from superficial conflicts to things more serious, counsel ors say it can truly effect our relationship. why is food such a hot-button issue. >> a lot of us have very deep emotional ties to food. >> reporter: counsel ors counse
11:55 am
specialize in eating disorders. >> it can cause severe disagreements between couples. what they need to do is find ways to understand what exactly the problem is. >> reporter: she says after you have identified the problem, the next step is finding ways to em empa thighs with the other person. >> if we can be empathetic and have to have some understands from why they do the things that they do, it is going to be much easier to come up with some resolution to the conflict. >> reporter: for most couples, the conflicts are manageable, particularly with a sense of humor. for people who carry around serious baggage when it comes to food, it can be a make or broke issue in their relationship. there was lindsay wilcox reporting. professional counseling may be the only way to get past
11:56 am
conflicts caused by emotional eating or an eating disorder. we are working on several stories for news 4 this afternoon, including that search for a gunman that has locked down an area high school. coming up at 4:00, a surprising discovery. a hidden compound in products we use every day could be driving up cholesterol in kids and teens have the. first in football, redskins owner, dan snyder, and cowboys owner, jerry jones, sit down to have lunch with lindsey. those stories plus your forecast tonight on news 4 starting at 4:00. time for another check on our forecast. tom is here. >> beautiful day underway. starting to heat up. going to feel like summertime here in early september. the live view from the sky watcher camera. we have a beautiful blue sky over northwest washington. off in the distance, downtown washington. near 80 the entire region. it is going to heat in the upper
11:57 am
80s about later on this afternoon. not a lot of humidity. partly cloudy. midday, a small chance of a passing shower. followed by a blustery northwest wind. will fall out of the 80s into the 50s on thursday morning. we will heat up to the upper 70s and sunshine. more of the same on friday. over the weekend, looks like saturday will be dry and could get needed rain on sunday into sunday evening. that's the way it looks. we will see you tomorrow morning. >>. >> still deciding on what to have for lunch? here is on idea. how about some fried beer. it didn't gross out folks in texas the texas state fair. it was crowned the most creative fried food. the dish is a doughy president zel filled with beer. or you could go with cheddar
11:58 am
cheese encased in free toe chips battered and friday. we invite you to tune in for the daily connection at 2:00. we have news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we will be back tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. for "news 4 midday." have a great day! see you then.
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